Building a Social Network

A few months ago a friend and I begin down a path that so many have traveled down before, developing a social network. We could of never of expected the task that we put in-front of us. We begin as sort of a joke, the sites name was a made up word “Vooaroo” pronounced: VOO – A – ROO, sounds kinda like a futuristic, robot kangaroo. Then we begin to build an interface, making it as simple as possible with as much “Web 2.0” stuff as we could find. Adding all the basic features and even a couple that had not been done before.

A few month of tears, and we had a basic concept running and kind of working. We asked our wives, friends, and co-workers to take a look, and this is were things started getting more serious. Everyone loved it, they loved our design, concepts and easy-of-use factor. had taken shape and was now a 2nd full time job for development.

As we started developing more and more attention came, but not a lot – just enough :), and then we were approached by a company that had caught wind and wanted to see about joining us in a sort-of partnership to help us get this boat floating.

Noisewater was formed, a company devoted to Internet social software development, and we entered in talks with the unmentioned company and discussed details that we cannot mention, fun huh?

So now we are in the final stretch of developing this network, which we have made a strict 6 invites per member only rule, and are excited to see what the future holds.

Of course we have more ideas for more social projects, I mean we have to, its all the rage!

This is very exciting to me because I have never been apart of something that has the chance to be as big as this project, it will be interesting how the story unfolds and what direction we go from here.

for more information on on Vooaroo visit and for Noisewater visit

Thank you for reading!


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