Venture to the realm of Westfall

Its been a while since i have posted anything, so i thought i would. To everyone downloading phpVideo, I hope you are enjoying it. I am sorry however, that I have not released a new version in a while. Noisewater has me busy working on a new MVC Framework for php called “Westfall”, for use with our socialware applications. It has been interesting in planning this machine out.

This starting in the wake of the launch of Vooaroo (which, if you would like an invite, just shoot me an email: wcope(at)noisewater(dot)net and I will slide one to you) so planning a very complex MVC while debugging and working on Vooaroo has not left much time for phpVideo, but alas dont give up on me yet, Im still working with some friends to develop a C program + php extension for video conversion instead of relying on FFMpeg. I will leave the link to phpVideo download on the left column.

Oh, and for anyone that acually downloaded and/or used Ink templating, Im sorry but development (or lack there of) on that project will be discontinued 😦 Westfall will be using a completely rebuilt templating system, so I will no longer have time nor interest in developing Ink any further.

Thanks to all the readers of my blog, I will try to start posting my tutorials and articles more often. You can see all my C# tutorials at

Take Care,


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