OFXO :: just for fun

*update: Ofxo.com was sold to a nice company that wanted to carry it to a higher level* ofxo.jpg

Well I decided to try something, just to try. I have launched www.ofxo.com (shortest domain I had 🙂 ) which is basically a search engine that uses params in the search instead of tabs or option (radio) buttons. You can do normal searches like any other search engine or you can do “housing: Columbia, SC” and get real estate listings for that city, state.

So take a look at it and see what you guys think. I’m not trying to compete with the other millions of directories or search engines out there. Just wanted to take on the challenge of building this. If you like it and are interested maybe I will write an article “Building your own Search” So if you would like something like that, let me know. Please leave some comments about what you think about Ofxo.com. Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy!


3 responses to “OFXO :: just for fun

  1. You have a tiny problem there with links, they all give “The requested URL /Saddam’s former deputy hanged in Iraq (AP) was not found on this server.”


  2. Got it fixed, thanx for the catch!

  3. i`ve checked it today. it wasn`t working. whats wrong with it?

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