Just like that…

Well it happened, I have been fighting it for a long time, but it finally happened. I gave in to pure curiosity and bought a book on Ruby (the pickaxe book). The more I read it, the more I started to like the language, the structure, the OO model. The what happened next, you can guess, I bought a rails book and begin playing around with it. It didnt take long to come to the conclusion that I love Rails, and I love what Ruby has to offer. So I have decided to conclude my development in PHP and focus on getting some projects out the door, send them out in to the world with a Rails backbone. I have enjoyed creating stuff in php, but have decided to focus on Ruby for a while. Even going to work on porting phpVideo over to rails, also securityCaptcha. If anyone wants to continue development on phpVideo or any of my other classes, feel free.

Also I have joined forces with a friend and created Frenzy Labs for all of our web creations. on our site (www.frenzylabs.com) we will have a blog where we will post articles, tutorials, and  information on our up and coming, to released projects.

We currently just have our blog up and running, and will get to our main page as soon as we get a couple sites done and out the door.

Thanks for reading.


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