Note: information has been left out for security purposes, please contact me for a more complete version of this resume at: thewattz(at)gmail(dot)com

Profile: Team orientated application developer with broad range of communication and leadership skills with accomplishments in the areas of Software Engineering, Project Management, Systems Integration, Implementation, and Process Management.


Technologies Used:
Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Javascript, XML, XSLT, AJAX, HTML, dHTML, XHTML, CSS, SOAP, Webservices, RSS, PHP, C, C++, Java, C#, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Unix/Linux (server and desktop), Windows (server and desktop).

Development Applications Used:

Eclipse, UltraEdit, Dreamweaver, Kate, VI/VIM, Nano/Pico, NVU, TOAD, Subversion, Win Merge, Visual Studio Professional 2006, and SharpDevelop.

Work Experience:


.:2007-Current: Acrosoft :: Columbia, SC
Techologies used: Javascript, XML/XSLT, dHTML, CSS, Photoshop, PHP, MySQL C#/.NET, SOAP, AJAX

.:2006-Current: Headway Corporate Resources :: Raleigh, NC
Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, CSS, Javascript, C#/.Net, AJAX, SOAP, Photoshop CS and Fireworks

.:2005-2006: Offutt Systems :: Greensboro, NC:
Technologies used: flash, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, C, and Oracle.

.:2004-2005 :: Charleston, SC
Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, CSS, DHTML, Oracle, JavaScript, Java, JSP, and Tapestry.

.:2002-2004 Motion Forward Technologies :: Columbia, SC
Technologies Used: PHP, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, HTML, MySQL

.:2002-2003 Beta Tech Jr College :: Columbia, SC
Technologies Used: Windows, Novell, HTML, VB

.:1998-2002 Nodn Networks :: Columbia, SC
Technologies Used: PHP, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, HTML, Flash



Furnished upon request.


One response to “Resume

  1. Hello,

    I have read your thread or post about to upload media files, I would like to think that these are mp3 or wav or other type of files. Now my question is the following:1. Is there a possibility to create the same application but in Java. I have read that Php does this very well. I have not yet look at your code but I am going to do that and also would like to see the possibility to contribute and work a bit with this because I am interested alot, however my language is Java and I have large experience with it nevertheless I have done Php but not in the level that you might have.

    Could you please reply to my e-mail and send me some comments and thinks to look at and also to start warming up. I do have in my working computer Windows but also I have worked with Fedora and now I am doing it with Ubuntu. I really like this system, I mean a lot.

    By the way, nice Smile the one from the left down corner in the web site

    Hope to hear from you.

    Alan Ramos

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