Version 0.2 Released ::

Please make sure you tell all your friends to upgrade!!!!!

I am happy to announce the release of phpVideo 0.2 (beta). Not much has changed. Cleaned up some code, and also added Thumbnailing. Now you can create thumbnails of the video you are uploading (see the example on how to use). I am also working on documentation, but until I feel its good enough and phpVideo is at 1.0 I wont release it. Im also working on a site dedicated to just phpVideo.

As before, here are the requirements. PLEASE MAKE SURE you meet the requirements BEFORE you email me :-).

phpVideo 0.2 Requires:

Flash Video Player

You can download phpVideo 0.2 here Download Page

Also, I would like to thank all the emails and comments I have received. Im trying my best to get to all of them, but keep them coming, I will trying to listen to everyone’s suggestions, and if you would like to help, Im looking for that too.

I am also looking for suggestions on some articles you would like to see me write on this blog. I would like for it to not turn into a phpVideo release page only.

Thanks for your time, and enjoy,


41 responses to “phpVideo

  1. Hi,

    I checked your source code and was wondering why you use ffmpeg for none wmv files and mencoder for wmv files? Why are you doing this? What is the reason?

    Nice piece of work you made!



  2. I am using your phpVideo and it’s great so far except it will only generate thumbnails for WMV files. Am I missing something?

  3. OK, i figured out the thumbnail thing. It was my fault. I was testing it on videos less than 10 seconds long. Your class is set to get a thumbnail at the 10 second position of the video. I changed it to 1 sec for my purposes.

  4. do you have a demo ? i would love to see it in action.

    then i can i find a host with FFMeg, any suggestions?

  5. I would also be very interested in seeing a working demo as well. I have tried to install the files myself, and have had no luck whatsoever.

  6. Good stuff my man, working fine!

    For those that want examples, check out and

    We only use the streaming part though, not the uploading.

    I’d appreciate a PHP4 backport tho for those of us that still haven’t bothered upgrading production servers to PHP5 😉

  7. in my site I am using
    – Flash Video Player
    – FFMpeg
    – php 4.3.

    It works fine on convert other vidoes to flv with thumb image, but I can NOT get duration. It works before or sometime, but not now.

    Somebody said this is a bug of ffmpeg.

    Do you have any ideas about duration? please let me know and send me an email. I am strugling with it.

    thanks in advance.

  8. First off, You have it working with php 4.3? I would like to know any changes you made so I can look at back porting this. 2nd Im not sure about the bug, I would make sure you had the latest FFMpeg installed. There was a bug at one point but i have not encountered it.

  9. Hello,

    Can someone provide me instructions on how to install phpvideo?

    Thank You

  10. Can you please post replies to all these questions. Thanx

  11. Yes… Sorry that life is getting in the way of phpVideo. Having a full time job, a wife at 9months of her pregnancy has kept me from the script.

    Your questions. there is no REAL installing of phpVideo. Its just a wrapper class that handles uploads. The example shows you how to use it. When life slows down I will get back to it. But remember i do this for free, I dont even ask for donations, but I do have life priorities. Thank you for using, and have a nice day 🙂

  12. Hey,
    saw this, and im having a bit of trouble getting this to work. I am fairly new to php. I am running LAMP on ubuntu and i believe I have everything. However, nothing gets uploaded. The playback is fine, relatively easy. It seems that i may need a file called flvtool2, which i dont seem to have, even though i downloaded the required files as indicated. I’ve gone over the code a few times to see if i could manage to understand what was going.

    The variable $_FILES, how does that work ? It doesnt appear to be have been assigned a value, and that could be why im not getting it to work is because i have to assign it a value. True ?

    Any tips, to get this to upload would be great. Once i know i can get it to work, i can read the code once more and understand more thoroughly whats happening.

    Thanks wattz

  13. Ok, i just learned that $_FILES is a global variable used to handle uploads. Fine. However, i’m trying to upload a 2.0MB Mpg file, which lookin at the code, doesnt require flvtool2, yet still, it still doesnt upload.

  14. Hey, i can’t get this to work. PLEASE HELP! i dont know if i have all the files i need in there. Please see the files i have here:

    do i have everything i need and the right version of mencoder?

    idk why this doesnt work, it only uploads the .wmv and does not convert to .flv.

    what is wrong?


  15. Hi,
    Wess very nice work!! I was just wondering if anyone has tested if phpVideo can handle multiple upload from different users. I am asking since ffmpeg will be executed multiple times and will put a large strain on the server. If anyone has tested this could you tell me how many simultanous uploads a server could handle. Of course this will be server(CPU speed, RAM etc.) dependent.

  16. Hi Wess,

    Thanks for sharing the code. I am going to currently use this in one of my projects and you have saved quite a bit of hours for me.


  17. He everyone,

    I am trying to get this to work but no luck as yet. I have php5.2.1, but i need to install ffmpeg. I have been told by my hosting company that i need to do the following to get ffmpeg to work.

    1. Download this: ffmpeg compiled

    2. Upload to your site.

    3. Point your php program to ffmpeg: /home/username/public_html/ffmpeg

    (or whichever directory that you uploaded it)

    I have followed first two steps but how do i change the script to point to the specific directory? thanks for any advice


  18. Wess,
    Ok, I’m probably lame, but I cannot upload a wmv video to save my life. I modified the upload_max_filesize=20m
    and checked perms on my host 777 so it better work(will fix once solution is found) and still no upload. I modified the file paths in example.php to point to the videos directory so it should be able to find it.
    I have PHP5, FFMpeg, and the Flashplayer.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you!

  19. Ok i uploaded this script and tried to upload a video well it uploads but it does not convert.
    ffmpeg is installed on my server as it works with converting with other scripts except yours. I changed all the internal urls as need be bust still nothing.

  20. Hi, when I try to convert wmv it only uploads wmv…. why?
    My configuration is:
    PHP 5.2


  21. Idea for next version …when you upload it stores the url data to a mysql DB 🙂

  22. Thomas you have to have mencoder installed also 🙂

  23. Hi people,

    I have phpVideo configured but..
    The upload is a succes..
    But no thumbnail or .flv file :s?
    My settings on the server are right what to do now?
    Many thanks frank 😉

  24. Unfortunately, I am struggling getting ffmpeg configured and built in FC6… and the RPM’s I’ve tried to use alternatively require a trillion dependencies… and I dont have the energy tonight to get ALL of them and install them and their deps and then finally install the RPM…

    Could I just add the ffmpeg-php extension to Apache/PHP and reboot Apache and be done with it lol?

  25. Hi,

    Does anyone have any experience in installing the ffMPEG package onto a server?

    I use dreamhost and I don’t think ffmpeg is already installed (if it is I don’t know how to utalize it).

    If I follow vance’s hosts instructions I should download a compiled version of ffmpeg then upload it into my server… ok but then: how do I make sure when ffmpeg is called (for example whithin phpvideo) it is going to the find the software where I uploaded it?


  26. I seriously need a way make this PHP 4.4.7 compatible. I have everything modified for my server, but I just don’t have the time to upgrade to PHP 5.2.4 and completely recode 25,000 lines of code so that my site won’t break. lol

  27. I’m making progress on backporting. right now all I have done was change the

    public function to function
    //deleting the public part
    and making the __construct() reflect the name of the class which is video, so __contruct() then becomes video()

  28. I’ve downloaded file and test it. I cannot create FLV file and Ttumbnail. Du you have any suggestion. I base on window XP and apache 2.2x . How should i do?

  29. Is there any option for me to use php 4

  30. I can see ffmpeg installed (phpinfo).. but the script still fails to upload!! Do i need to call from script the ffmpeg class?

  31. Everything works perfectly provided the video I upload has no audio. If the video does have audio it writes an empty flv. Any ideas?

  32. Can anyone help me out
    I don’t know how to install phpVideo 0.2 in my server
    I have uploaded the file
    I dont know where to configure the ffmpeg file
    where should i put the ffmpeg.exe file

    My server has a ffmpeg and all other configuration needed for the video upload and all

    Step by step process will be more appropriate

    Thanz in advance

  33. Can anyone tell mw where to download or find this script that is been talked about i cannot see where to download it

  34. I do not have anytime to continue this project. I apolgize for the late response, but do to realize work (start up), life itself and switching to Python as my primary language. phpVideo will no longer be developed.

  35. hello i am testing this script on my local host.
    could someone tell me what to do with this bit of the example.php script

    $video->uploaddir = “/home/wattz/public/flv/testing/videos/”;

    is this where the ffmpeg comes into it.. i have checled out ffmpeg using :
    svn checkout svn:// ffmpeg

    but there is no readme doc in the phpvideo scripts that tells you how to set it all up – soes it matter that im using mpeg2 *.mpg videos converted from youtube or could you rec something else. has anyone got any example…

  36. it uploads the video which is mpeg2 / mpg into the video folder but there is nothing happening with the old ffmpeg..

    my dir looks like this:

    │ ├───doc
    │ ├───libavcodec
    │ │ ├───alpha
    │ │ ├───armv4l
    │ │ ├───bfin
    │ │ ├───i386
    │ │ ├───mlib
    │ │ ├───ppc
    │ │ ├───ps2
    │ │ ├───sh4
    │ │ └───sparc
    │ ├───libavdevice
    │ ├───libavfilter
    │ ├───libavformat
    │ ├───libavutil
    │ ├───libpostproc
    │ ├───libswscale
    │ ├───tests
    │ ├───tools
    │ └───vhook

  37. Hello,

    Here is another phpVideo Hosting Engine solution that fully works 100% and contains a full Administration Control Panel

  38. Sorry to hear that you have shut down 😦 It looked pretty cool as well!

  39. i can download this file..please reupload…

  40. Awesome things here. I’m very satisfied to see your article. Thank you a lot and I am having a look forward to touch you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

  41. it was a very good video script.

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